If You Block Someone on Facebook, Can They See Your Profile?

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, allowing people to connect, share content, and interact with each other. At times, you may come across individuals whose presence you wish to avoid, leading you to wonder about the effects of blocking them on your profile visibility. In this article, we will explore whether someone you block on Facebook can still see your profile.

2. Understanding Blocking on Facebook

Blocking someone on Facebook is a privacy feature that allows you to restrict interactions with specific individuals on the platform. When you block someone, you sever the connection between your profiles, limiting their access to your content and communication channels.

3. Implications of Blocking on Facebook

Blocking someone on Facebook has several implications:

  • Communication Restriction: Once you block someone, they are unable to send you messages, view your posts, or interact with your content. This ensures that unwanted communication from the blocked person is minimized.
  • Content Restriction: Blocking also prevents the blocked person from seeing your profile, posts, photos, and videos. They will not be able to view any updates or changes you make to your profile.

4. Profile Visibility When Blocked

When you block someone on Facebook, they lose visibility of your profile. The blocked person cannot see your posts, photos, videos, or any other content associated with your account. Moreover, your profile will not appear in their search results or friend lists. Blocking effectively creates a barrier between you and the blocked person, preventing them from accessing your profile information.

5. Additional Considerations

While blocking someone on Facebook ensures restricted access to your profile, there are a few additional considerations:

  • Mutual Connections: If you and the blocked person have mutual friends, they may still see your comments and interactions on shared posts. However, your profile and content will remain hidden from them.
  • Public Content: If you have public posts on Facebook, they can be viewed by anyone, including the person you blocked. To maintain greater privacy, consider adjusting your privacy settings and reviewing your post audience before sharing.

6. Conclusion

In conclusion, when you block someone on Facebook, they cannot see your profile, posts, or any other content associated with your account. Blocking effectively limits their visibility and access to your information, ensuring a degree of privacy and control over your interactions on the platform. However, it’s essential to review your privacy settings and consider other measures to enhance your online security.


1. Will the blocked person be notified if I block them on Facebook?

Facebook does not notify users when they have been blocked. The blocked person may notice the absence of your profile and interactions, but they will not receive a specific notification about the block.

2. Can a blocked person still search for my profile on Facebook?

Blocked users will not find your profile in their search results on Facebook. Your profile and content will be hidden from their view.

3. Can a blocked person still interact with my public posts or groups?

If you have public posts or participate in public groups, the blocked person may still see your interactions. However, your profile and personal content will remain inaccessible to them.

4. Can I unblock someone on Facebook?

Yes, you can unblock someone on Facebook. After unblocking, the person will regain access to your profile and content. However, they will not receive a notification about being unblocked.

5. Can a blocked person create a new account to view my profile?

Although it is technically possible for a blocked person to create a new account to view your profile, the intention behind blocking is to limit their access. If you suspect someone has created a new account to bypass the block, you can block their new account as well.

In this article, we have discussed the implications of blocking someone on Facebook and whether a blocked person can still see your profile. By understanding the effects of blocking, you can make informed decisions about managing your privacy and controlling your interactions on the platform.

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