Does Taimi Notify Screenshots In 2022

Hello Friends, Today we are going to see does Taimi notify screenshots or Not. So let’s Start it.

Taimi is social networking and dating app that caters to LGBTQI+ people. The network matches internet users based on their selected preferences and location. Taimi runs on iOS and Android. The mobile application has a free and subscription-based premium version. Wikipedia

According to our latest survey Taimi Does not notify screenshots taken by you of any user’s profile or chats. You can take screenshots without any hesitation because you don’t get notified.

Does Taimi Notify Screenshots

This is very important to know because when you take a screenshot and the user gets a notification that you brought the screenshot, it will take you into trouble so to avoid that, you need to know Does Taimi Notifies Screenshots or not.

Disclaimer: You have aware of some important points before taking any action.

  1. That feature of notifying users when someone took a screenshot of their chats or their profile will be updated any time or without any notice so you have to be updated before taking any screenshots you can also revisit our website because we update our data time to time.
  2. Taking screenshots of someone’s personal information and shearing this to social media or someone is illegal so becare full about that.

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