Does FanHouse Notify Screenshot in 2023

This is very awkward when you take a screenshot and that user gets notified that you captured the screenshot. Then this leads to trust issues even you feel bad when you know that, So Avoid this we are here to give information about Does FanHouse Notify Screenshot in the present time or not.

Does FanHouse Notify Screenshot

So let’s Start it First, let me tell you how we figured out that does the FanHouse app or web, and if is it possible to check you by yourself to cross-check us then let’s see the process we followed.

How to check Does FanHouse Notify Screenshot?

To check that first we created two new FanHouse accounts for our friends and then we ask the to post some photos on both accounts and then we ask them to take screenshots of each others photos and also profiles then we got our answer that FanHouse does not notify screenshots.

You can check this by yourself to confirm this If Fanhouse updates their features and In case they start to notify the user when you take a screenshot then you can follow the given steps to take a screenshot safely or without getting notified.

How to take a screenshot on Fanhouse safely or without getting notified?

If you want to take screenshots on Fanhouse without taking any risk or want to take them secretly then I have a trick for you.

 Here comes a simple trick,

1. Clear all recent apps from the background except Fanhouse
2. Open Fanhouse.
3. Open your desired page which you want to take a screenshot.
4. If you forgot to remove all recent apps, don’t worry. Just carefully remove all background apps making sure that you don’t remove Fanhouse itself. :p
5. Now you’re free to take screenshots of Fanhouse

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