How Long Does It Take to Receive a Chase Card in the Mail?

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Applying for a Chase credit card comes with the promise of exciting rewards, cashback opportunities, and enhanced financial flexibility. But once your application is approved, how long does it take to receive your Chase card in the mail? In this article, we’ll guide you through the journey and provide insights into the typical timeframe for receiving your Chase card at your doorstep.

Chase credit cards are renowned for their wide range of options, including travel rewards, cashback, and premium perks. The anticipation of receiving your physical card and unlocking these benefits is understandably high. Let’s delve into the process and timeframe for getting your Chase card delivered to you.

Applying for a Chase Card

Your journey begins with applying for the Chase credit card of your choice. The application process is usually straightforward and can be completed online. You’ll be required to provide personal information, financial details, and consent for a credit check. The application can typically be finished in 10 to 15 minutes.

Application Review and Approval

Once your application is submitted, Chase’s team will review the information provided. This review process is essential to determine your eligibility for the specific Chase card you’ve applied for. The time it takes for the application to be reviewed and approved varies, but it usually spans a few business days.

Card Production and Personalization

Upon approval, the exciting phase of card production and personalization begins. Your Chase card is created with your name, card number, and other relevant details. This process is meticulously carried out to ensure accuracy and security. This stage generally takes a day or two to complete.

Mailing and Delivery

Once your Chase card is personalized, it’s ready to be mailed to the address you’ve provided. The delivery time can be influenced by factors such as your location, the chosen shipping method, and any potential postal delays. On average, you can expect your card to arrive within 7 to 10 business days.

Estimated Timeframes

In summary, the entire process of applying for a Chase card, getting it approved, personalizing the card, and having it delivered to your mailbox usually takes around 10 to 15 business days. Remember, these are rough estimates, and actual delivery times can vary.

Expedited Delivery Options

For those who are eager to start using their Chase card as soon as possible, Chase often offers expedited delivery options. This option usually comes with an additional fee, but it can significantly reduce the time it takes for the card to reach you.

What to Do if the Card Doesn’t Arrive

If, by any chance, your Chase card doesn’t arrive within the expected timeframe, don’t worry. Give it a few extra days to account for potential postal delays. If the card still hasn’t arrived, consider contacting Chase’s customer service for guidance and assistance.


Receiving your Chase card in the mail marks the beginning of a rewarding journey with enhanced financial opportunities. While the estimated timeframe for the process is 10 to 15 business days, the benefits you’ll unlock are well worth the wait.


  1. Can I use my Chase card as soon as I receive it? Yes, once you receive your Chase card, follow the activation instructions, and you can start using it for purchases and transactions.
  2. Are there different delivery options available for Chase cards? Yes, Chase offers expedited delivery options for a fee, allowing you to receive your card faster.
  3. Can I track the delivery of my Chase card? Yes, Chase usually provides tracking information once the card is shipped, allowing you to monitor its delivery progress.
  4. What should I do if my Chase card doesn’t arrive within the expected timeframe? If your card doesn’t arrive on time, wait a few extra days, and then consider contacting Chase’s customer service for assistance.
  5. Is it possible to customize the design of my Chase card? Chase may offer options to personalize your card’s design with unique images or colors, adding a personalized touch to your card.

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