What To Do If A Tinder Match Doesn’t Reply?

What To Do If A Tinder Match Doesn’t Reply?

You’ve probably noticed by now that not every Tinder message you send out will result in a relationship or even a friendship. It might be because people want attention, but it could also be because you made an error.

Allow at least 24-72 hours for someone to respond, and then send a follow-up message. If you don’t get a response even after sending the follow-up message then wait for another 24 hours. If you still don’t get any response then unmatch the user and move on to your next match.

There is no point wasting time on a match that doesn’t respond within 4 days even after sending a few follow-up messages. There is a high probability that your match is no longer interested in you. It could also be that the user is a bot.

If you have a lot of matches on Tinder that doesn’t reply to your opening message, it could mean that you are doing something wrong. You can do the following to get more responses.

  • Add some more pictures to your account and make sure they are the best you have.
  • Make your bio appealing by adding some humor and mentioning your interests, and hobbies.
  • Try using different opening lines that are different from the ones commonly used to start a conversation.

Utilizing imagination and humor to start a discussion is a surefire way to get a reply. You can also choose to talk about things from their biography and profile pictures.

You could ask about their favorite movie or destination, or you could crack up a joke that makes them laugh. You could also start off with a cheesy pickup line that might impress them.

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Make sure to add a detailed bio to your profile so your match could find something interesting to talk about from your profile. Details in your bio can assist your matches in learning things about you, making conversation easier. You should also go through their profile and ask them about their hobbies, and interests.

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