What does profile unavailable mean on the match?

hi, there today I’ll be telling you what it means when a profile shows unavailable on the match. so here’s the situation you’re talking with someone on our side one day then boom their account is unavailable the next why are they unavailable let’s know the reasons why let’s see then.

What does profile unavailable mean on the match

There are three possible reasons why the profile says the currently unavailable

Number 1: The member has been suspended their account

Number 2: The number has deleted their account for numbers one and two there could be many reasons why that member chose to spend or delete their account could be that they wanted to focus more on their career instead of their love life or they could have found someone to date and got off the site or maybe they just wanted to have a quick break from online dating and they don’t want to be bothered with messages from other profiles

Number 3: the member blocked you so this is really self-explanatory there could be a number of reasons that another person blocked you that’s between you and them but my advice is best not to take it personally and just move on there are a lot of other people on our side who want to meet you and talk to you is it possible to know if a specific member blocked you we get asked this a lot so is it possible to know if someone blocked you plain and simple answer is no, we think it’s nicer to say currently unavailable over you are black by this profile for both parties that way there is no drama which you definitely don’t need in your life what do you think do you agree or do you think that we should explicitly say when you’ve been blocked by another member tell me how you feel about this in the comments below

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