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Adding aspirin to your laundry can do wonders!

Even with the best laundry detergent and wash cycles on modern washing machines, it's nearly impossible to ensure that white clothes stay white. Luckily, there is such a thing as aspirin, and you probably already have it in your medicine cabinet!

Let’s get started!

Let the tablets dissolve by placing them in a large bowl or tub of warm water. Stir this aspirin water until all the tablets are completely dissolved.

Place dull, white clothing in a bowl or tub of aspirin water and leave them to soak for eight hours.

You can also put some aspirin in the washing machine, but the soaking method works better. Even after letting the clothes soak, you will still need to wash them in the washing machine as normal.

You have to remember five aspirin tablets of 325 milligrams each.

You can also use  black paper


If you add a little black pepper to your washing machine, your laundry will be looking bright and colorful again. Say goodbye to faded clothes!

Put your stained clothing in the washing machine and add your normal laundry detergent. Then put a teaspoon of black pepper in the machine. Wash the laundry on a cold cycle.

You will see the laundry return to its original color