John Doe

How to get more matches

1. Use a simple bio for your profile

use less words and write striate forward about your self

2. Show  personality through pictures 

Choose photos that clearly represent your personality and everyday lifestyle

3. Have good-quality photos

Don't upload any blurry, poorly cropped, highly edited photos and heavily filtered photos. You should show who and what you really look like. Don't use heavy Filters that shows you hiding something.

4. Avoid to post too many group photos

Don't Post to many group photos your match not  going to west time for identify you...

5. Smile

Everyone likes happy faces and happy partners. According to data most of they women's like funny men's. 

6. Highlight your best features

If you have something special like good body then don't hesitate to upload a photo..

7. Get Feedback

Get a feedback from your friends about your profile and then apply the changes or work on the problems.

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