S4 Doze To Hibernate?

Is there any benefit for leaving as it is to S4 Doze To Hibernate

If asleep there is a small power use,and small potential to lose data not saved to disk if power is lost.
If hibernated,all data is saved to disk,and no power is required.
Microsoft seem to be assuming that if you haven’t come back after3hours then maybe you’ve gone to bed or forgotten the computer,
and the reduced power and data loss potential of hibernate would be to your benefit.If you left the computer at work on over the
weekend,maybe this behaviour is a benefit.
If you have an SSD,or SSD cache,the computer wakes from hibernate rapidly,and so in these cases there is little time lost
hibernating-so the benefit may outweigh the negative(ie increased time to awake).
Of course,if you are running any kind of server,or modelling simulation you won’t want it to hibernate. Or if you have 16+ gig of ram
and no SSD cache,you’ll be wait in ga while to wake from hibernate.Or if you have a laptop or desktop with UPS then you won’t worry
about power outages so much.So whether it is beneficial will vary between users.

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