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How to remove kerosene smell from car

There are two simple methods that I used to remove the smell from my car you can also try this out to remove the kerosene smell from the car.

  1. You can use coffee grounds to remove the smell of kerosene from your car or carpet. Simply soak up as much of the spill as you can with towels and sprinkle the coffee grounds over the area and let it stand for about a week and the smell will be gone.
  2. Go to the local auto supply shop and ask for a bottle of pink stuff that Removes the smell of kerosene. That stuff is used by mechanics for cleaning up dirt and smell. It works when kerosene is spilled all over. It works on kerosene Nicely.

How to permanently remove a Nasty Smell or Odour from your Car or Van with Baking Soda

A rather stinky smell began to engulf the van (I’m not exaggerating unfortunately) and just continued to build & build. These are the steps I took to get rid of it permanently (hopefully), as even after a month it’s still not returned. As you’ll see using Baking Soda was a key part of achieving this.


Will baking soda remove the kerosene smell?

Yes, This works well for me the only thing you have to do is Sprinkle soda on the area where kerosene is spilled, and then wait for 24 hrs for good result.

An Easy Trick to Remove Any Odor from Your House

Do you know, for example, how vinegar can help you combat stinky toilets? Or why you should keep baking soda in your fridge? Or how to deodorize your bathroom? Oh, this one is really cool! Just sprinkle the cardboard tube inside the toilet paper roll with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Whenever you rip off a piece of toilet paper in the future, the essential oil smell will come out and deodorize the room!

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