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How to Make a Noopept Nasal Spray – Nootropic Tech Demonstration

Watch this video to make Noopept Nasal spray and also you can read the subtitles of this video below.

If You want to read subtitles of this video for better understanding you can read this below.


how to make your own no pept nasal spray I did do a lot of experimentation to get this right and it’s not as simple as throwing in

some no pept encounter mainly that the no pep doesn’t fully dissolve and then you get uneven dosing if you try that method and over here I have some distilled the water you need to make sure that you use distilled water, especially it’s better if you use the I deionized distilled water because the ions bacteria and other substances react with the no pept peptide

and ends up destroying the peptide so for best shelf life you want to use the ionized distilled water you need to use also a preservative you can either use benzyl alcohol but it’s pretty hard on the nose I mean if you use it like occasionally or once those like once uh one time in each nostril it’s doable but otherwise you’re going to have a lot of bad

side effects

I don’t recommend using benzyl alcohol but if you want to you can go that route otherwise mental alcohol benzyl alcohol is good if you want to make a sublingual um if you want to use the no pept spray or solution sublingually okay otherwise I recommend using uh this type of preservative methylparaben it’s a proven preservative it’s used for a lot of um cosmetics and such and the Russians they put 0.1 percent of methylparaben in their c-max

drops so i would um do the same for my

uh no pept spray so I’ll go ahead and show you how to do that but let me go over the equipment that you’ll need other than the distilled water you’ll also need some rubbing alcohol or something to sterilize all the equipment that you’ll be using okay if you’re going to reuse the bottle I would suggest shaking some of this

rubbing alcohol in here and spraying it a few times to sanitize the whole bottle and then washing with water the whole thing and then spraying a few times with the water to get rid of the isopropyl alcohol okay so this is for sterilization as for sterilizing the equipment the

The next thing that you would need is a spray bottle you can get one of these spray bottles here from the dollar store, you can get one of these from the dollar store and empty out you know nasal relief solution they put in here now the thing is uh opening these bottles are not

convenient as you can see I used some pliers to open these up without a preservative, I find that they last for three days but I don’t recommend not using preservatives that is a bit dangerous since you’re gonna spray this right into your nose, okay but if you get something that’s like uh that you can unscrew

that’s a lot more convenient okay like these ones you can unscrew okay and you can get these from online but they’ll be more expensive of course uh you also need an erlin Meyer flask I would or any other vessel that’s non-metallic because in the end what you can for mixing the solution you will uh you will end up using magnetic steering the device so you will need an Erlenmeyer flask you’ll need a magnetic stirring bar and you can go ahead and either make yourself a magnetic steering device by attaching one of these pc fans and on the other side of this pc fan is a single

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hard drive magnet is the only problem with using hard drive magnets is that it’s not going to make the most symmetrical magnetic field since they typically have a u I can go ahead and show you that so typically hard drive magnets I love to use them for putting things up but they don’t have a symmetrical shape and the magnetic field that they make isn’t symmetrical either

so that would be an issue if you end up doing it my way I would recommend rather on either side of the fan to put like one magnet here of a neodymium magnet so some additional equipment that you’ll need is a syringe to extract the benzyl alcohol from the bottle if it’s in the vial format of course if you’re using methylparaben then you

won’t need a search you also need the no pept powder and I find that no tropics the pot is a trustworthy vendor you can get it from other places online but you need to make sure that the vendor is trustworthy and that he is reliable you’ll need a microscope and you’ll also need a millimeter scale

also, I got it from no tropics teapot so very important uh step in order to get the dosage right is to measure how many sprays that your nasal sprayer sprays but you want to make sure that you measure the amount of water that you want to put in here although it says 15 milliliters here this can easily um hold up to 20 milliliters of water so go ahead and measure how much water you put in here once you’ve done that then you what you have to do next are you keep spraying like this you fully depress it like this and you keep spraying until the um the bottle empties

okay and you count how many sprays along the way so I personally found that for 20 milliliters of solution I got 175 sprays out of this bottle so if I wanted each spray to clean to contain one milligram of no pept powder I would add 175 milligrams of no pept to the solution, okay so I decided I’m going to make 40 milliliters of no pep solution for 20 milliliters in each of these spray bottles and so the first step I’m going to do is weigh out the amount of no pept since I know each spray bottle sprays 175 times if I want each spray to contain one milligram of no pept I need to weigh out 175 plus 175 uh gram milligrams of no pept which would be I do believe 350 milligrams of no pept

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so I’m going to go ahead and weigh out the 350 milligrams of no pept for the solution okay 350 milligrams there we go that’s 100 almost 200 is it too much there you go okay 333 yeah honestly that’s it there you go and usually milligram scales they keep fluctuating particularly this one it fluctuates but it’s okay if you get within the ballpark and I can go ahead and turn this off the next thing you want to do is go

ahead and add that to your vessel turn that is okay don’t be careful not to scale everything usually tapping is good but if you want to get extra careful scraping is more efficient and more accurate I should say nothing usually helps okay so the next step is to weigh out the amount of a preservative that you want to use I’m going to go ahead and show you the calculations for it so you can figure out that amount

so for the number of preservatives that you need if you’re going to use benzyl alcohol you want to first go ahead and know that the percentage you’ll need is 0.9 percent of benzyl alcohol for the entire

the solution so to figure out how many milliliters that are you go ahead and take the 40 milliliters of the total solution put that and put that under x which would be the number of milli milliliters full of benzyl alcohol and then that would be equal to 0.9

over 100 where 100 would be 100 percent

and this is the percentage of mental


you go ahead and cross multiply

and then after you do this

multiplication and divide by

100 you get 0.36

milliliters so that’s how much of benzyl

alcohol you’d need

for 40 milliliters of solution

now for the methyl paraben we want to

use it at a percentage of

0.1 percent of the total solution

the first step is to convert this to


and then to milligrams so for out of the


40 milliliter solution we want to have

it at a percentage of

0.1 percent over 100 of course

and if you do the cross multiplication

you get

0.04 milliliters

but remember what i’m working with is

the powder

okay so if you want to convert that

to milligrams remember that

one milliliter is equal to 1000


so if we have one milliliter which is

equal to 1000 milligrams

if we want to find

the amounts for 0.04 milliliters

that we found over here how many

milligrams would that be

we do the cross multiplication

and so we would get 40 milligrams

okay so now that we know that we need 40

milligrams of methyl paraben as a

preservative i’m going to go ahead and

weigh that out

and add that to the uh solution to be

okay and of course go ahead and wipe off

that on your uh tools

so let’s see how much is this

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it’s probably too much i’m trying with

less because i think

this is easier so that’s 12.

20 that should be 40. almost and that

should be

yep it’s not that strong that’s what

everyone’s actually gonna stick

looks like yeah that’s about 40. so this

would be enough

there you go let’s go ahead and add the

methyl paraben

to the funnel

i should say flask

that should be fine

okay that should be fine now we finally

just want to add in 40

milliliters of water

look for me that looks like it’s 40.

now i’m going to go ahead and stir the


and i’m using the magnetic stir bar

and steering machine okay that i showed

you guys before

it utilizes a variable

voltage adapter it goes from 12 volts

to 3 volts um i would start at 3 and

then move it up

so i’m going to go ahead and connect

that up


adapter is that the magnet doesn’t

the magnetic field isn’t exactly


so i try to make sure that the magnet is

centered first

once it looks like the magnet is


i’ll up the voltage or i would leave it

at this voltage

i’m just going to use some weights to

hold it in place

because i might vibrate just a little

bit and move it off center

there we go that’s about it


so i left it stirring for about two


and as you can see all those

particulates are

gone it’s fully dissolved but it did

take quite a while surprisingly

and i had this on the low setting for


so finally after the mixing

all you have to do is go ahead and pour

the solution into the bottles

it helps if you have a stopper i just

used a lid of this

nasal spray but ideally use this actual


stopper so go ahead and pour in

some of it i’ll make sure i don’t over

pour it

okay put us in here

that’s how i’m awesome i’m going to

leave it up

so it’s equal imaginable

it looks all right yep

that looks good and then all you have to

do is go ahead and attach

the heads of the nasal spray


and it helps you if you uh end up

pressing against this and pushing it in

you may damage the spraying mechanism

so you want to put in one of these clips

and press it down

like that and these are ready to go just

for the nasal spray you want to start


you give it a spritz or two one two


and then it should start firing fully

i’ll go ahead and show you how it works

and so to use the nasal spray go ahead

and insert the nozzle of one of these in

the nose

like that like that

and you give it a small sniff to make

sure that the

no pep stays inside so thank you for

listening if you have any questions

please feel free to ask me in the

comments below

i’d appreciate if you like and share


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