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How To Get Free Gems In Coc Android?

Hello, guys today we are going to see the best ways to get free Gems in Clash of clans. We all know that how precious and important Gems are in the coc means a clash of clans. to get that gems free into your account is very risky.

some sites ask for access to your account cause you loss of account you will get banned by supercell so my suggestion is that don’t trust such fraudsters you can follow my steps to get free Gems in your account without risking your account because I know that growing coc account is very difficult so guy let’s see the way’s to get free gems in coc.

  • Complete Achievements
    In Clash of clans, there is the Achievements section which gives you a large number of gems after completing the achievements, that achievements are so easy that anyone can complete them by themselves. After completing this you can easily earn Gems or get free gems in coc.
  • Clearing Obstacles in the village
    In the coc you can get free gems by clearing obstacles in the village you can get free gems in both bases in the builder base and also a normal base. this is also a safe and very easy way to get free gems.
  • Starting The Gem Mine
    In a clash of clans’ new builder base update, you can build the Gem Mine which can produce at least 30 Gems a day, But you have to max it out. it is the best way to get gems.
  • Trading Magic Items
    There are several events or tasks after completing them you get the Magic items. But you have limited space after reaching that space you can’t store those items so you have to sell that item after selling that items you get free gems that you can use.
  • Redeem the Free Gem Coupons
    There several Coupons provided by the coc or supercell to the players you have to redeem them and you get that free gems in your account.
  • Buy the packs at a very cheap price
    For this method you have to pay some money, In this coc on some occasions, there are huge discounts on the gem packs. You can buy them at 80% discount.
  • Use Mod apk for using unlimited gems
    If you don’t want to spend any kind of money and want to use unlimited Gems in coc then you can try out some Mod apk of coc which provides you unlimited gems.
  • Buy the clash of clans account with a bunch of gems
    If You want gems the max out of your account then you can buy the max bases from your friends and change the name of your account.

    I hope you got our all points and if you like our post then please comment and share our post with your friends.
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3 ways How to Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans – New Tricks to Get Gems in coc 2021
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