how to get a towed car back without paying california

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discovering someone is towed your car can be a sinking feeling of course it costs you time and money and it’s not always your fault we found sometimes the tow company gets it wrong

how you can fight back where a tow truck goes this is no fair

Department of Licensing and Regulation show tow times owner and sister company were among the top violators for illegal towing with six illegal towing violations in the last four years and the agency has fined them thirty seven hundred dollars in fines for various penalties TDLR can only investigate if you speak up that’s why it’s best for the owner to you know document the scene as best they can I know that thevehicles not there anymore but at least take a picture of where you parked so if you park in a private lot know your rights and your options the tow hearing

versus Austin Fish Department there are two different types of tow hearings available at your justice of the peace court I am requesting being reimbursed for the towing expenses Elaine Kovac saw the proper signage wasn’t there when Austin police had towed her vehicle downtown so she came with pictures it was causing a lot of problems especially officers gave their side and when it was done I’ll find it the tow was not justified it or that the towing cost be reimbursed to the driver the city had to reimburse Elaine her 170 bucks but there’s no payback for her time like 10-12 hours worth of work just to kind of figure out what I wanted to do and what this process was it can be very frustrating.

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wrongfully towed TDLR recommends these things they say you should request two different tow hearings at your local justice of the peace precinct in one tow hearing you could get your money reimbursed in the other you could get up to a thousand dollars plus three times the cost of towing they also say you should file a complaint with TDLR that is how they investigate these companies and possibly levy any administrative penalties and if you’re in Austin you can also call 3-1-1 and file a complaint with the Austin Police record.

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