How to Delete Your Planet Fitness Account

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Planet Fitness is a popular gym chain known for its judgment-free and affordable fitness environment. While many people enjoy their membership at Planet Fitness, there are situations where you might want to discontinue your membership and delete your Planet Fitness account. Whether you’ve found an alternative gym or decided to take a different approach to your fitness routine, this article will guide you through the process of deleting your Planet Fitness account.

Reasons to Delete Your Planet Fitness Account

Before we dive into the steps to delete your Planet Fitness account, let’s explore some of the reasons why you might consider this option:

Changing Fitness Goals

As your fitness goals evolve, you may find that Planet Fitness no longer aligns with your needs. Perhaps you now prefer a more specialized gym, a different type of fitness regimen, or you want to focus on outdoor activities instead.


If you’re moving to a new area where Planet Fitness isn’t readily accessible, you might need to cancel your membership and delete your account.

Financial Considerations

Changes in your financial situation may lead you to cut back on certain expenses, including your gym membership.

How to Delete Your Planet Fitness Account

Follow these steps to delete your Planet Fitness account:

Step 1: Contact Your Local Planet Fitness Club

The first step is to contact the Planet Fitness club where you initially signed up for your membership. You can find their contact information on the Planet Fitness website or your membership agreement.

Step 2: Inquire About Account Deletion Process

Once you’ve reached out to the club, inquire about the process to delete your account. Some clubs might require you to fill out a membership cancellation form in person, while others may allow you to request account deletion over the phone or via email.

Step 3: Provide Necessary Information

If required, be prepared to provide necessary information, such as your full name, membership ID, and reason for account deletion.

Step 4: Confirm Cancellation

After submitting your request, ensure that you receive confirmation from the Planet Fitness club that your account deletion is in process.

Step 5: Settle Any Outstanding Dues

Before the account deletion is finalized, make sure to settle any outstanding dues or membership fees as per the club’s policies.

Considerations When Deleting Your Planet Fitness Account

Here are some essential considerations to keep in mind during the account deletion process:

Membership Contract

Review your membership contract to understand any terms related to cancellations and account deletions.

Membership Freeze

If your reason for deletion is temporary, consider discussing membership freeze options with the club instead of deleting your account.

Verify Cancellation

Double-check that your account has been successfully deleted to avoid future billing issues.


Deciding to delete your Planet Fitness account can be a significant step, but it allows you to adapt to your changing fitness needs and preferences. By following the steps provided in this article and communicating with your local Planet Fitness club, you can smoothly terminate your membership and move forward with your fitness journey.


  1. Can I delete my Planet Fitness account online?
    • The account deletion process may vary depending on the location and policies of your local Planet Fitness club. Some clubs might allow online cancellation, while others may require you to visit in person or contact them directly.
  2. Will I receive a refund if I delete my account before the membership ends?
    • Refunds for membership fees depend on the terms of your contract and the specific policies of your local Planet Fitness club. It’s best to clarify this with the club when initiating the account deletion process.
  3. Can I delete my account if I’m still under a contract?
    • Cancelling your account before the contract term ends might result in early termination fees. Review your membership agreement or consult with your local club to understand the terms related to account deletions.
  4. Will my personal information be deleted along with my account?
    • Planet Fitness is likely to retain some personal information for administrative purposes, even after the account is deleted. However, they should follow their privacy policy in handling your data.
  5. Can I rejoin Planet Fitness after deleting my account?
    • Yes, you can rejoin Planet Fitness in the future if you decide to return. Simply reach out to your local club to inquire about their membership options and any relevant fees.

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