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How to Cancel Order on Zomato?

Steps to Cancel your Order on Zomato

Zomato as we know, it’s a food delivery app and it connects customers, people like us who want to order food with restaurants, who want to sell food. So Zomato plays the twin role that it connects customers like us who are looking to order food,

it makes the process convenient for them. Just by a click of an app, you can order food. On the flip side, it helps a lot of restaurants get discovered.

In some cases, we mistakenly Order the wrong food on the zomato App, and then we want to cancel it but in the zomato app, there is not a dedicated button for this.

Sometimes people ask what is a reason behind this so I am gonna tell you this. it’s so simple when we place the order that placed order goes to your nearest hotel and the hotel staff immediately starts making it but when you cancel it after some time it may get west so that’s why zomato does not provide a specific button for that. I hope you understand. so let’s go to the main point of how you cancel it.

In order to cancel your order first open Zomato application on your smartphone.

  • Now click on the hamburger menu or the three horizontal lines.
  • Now tap on the customer service menu.
  • This will start a chat with the customer service executive.
  • Type “Cancel My Order”.
  • The customer executive will ask for a reason to provide him one.
  • The customer executive will confirm with the restaurant if it is possible to cancel your order. If yes, then your order will be cancelled instantly.
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