How to add subtitles in soap2day

How to add subtitles in soap2day

how to use soap2day

so you have to go to Safari and you have to type in soap today no spaces it has to be in capital letters or else it doesn’t work so then just gonna quickly so it’s gonna have to check your browser this one takes like 30 seconds or so and I’ll let you in you’ll see the home and it you have all your movie selections so you just like scroll through.

There are all the different movies they also have TV shows and they have like a category of most popular TV shows and stuff so I’m going back up to the top now and then if you click on the home there are movies TV sports fingery ask questions and you can search for a movie so I’m just going to click on a trolls world tour for this one so it’s going to go to this little page and then you’re gonna Click play and it’s going to take you to a different website Barry’s going to close that website and go back to so.

Movies and yeah then this is to airplay so you’re gonna click on the little TV you’re gonna click your Apple TV should pop up we don’t know if it’s working if it says air like airplane onto Apple TV so what does airplane like to start going on to your Apple TV you have to use a TV but if you have an Android you have to like you can’t use an Apple TV oh yeah seems like a movie box or something and you have to do like it’s different it’s called miracast whatever it’s different this for Apple TV yeah I’ll just start.

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playing on there you can’t take videos while playing it because are obvious reasons so yeah I do this I’ve done this a lot much like 10 movies like this or armor I don’t know.

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