How Fast Should You Respond To A Tinder Match?

How Fast Should You Respond To A Tinder Match?

The timing of your response to a Tinder match is vital. Make a mistake in the timing and your match might not respond back.

You should respond within 10-15 minutes to a match but sometimes you can take a little more time to come up with a great response. Some people don’t like to wait too long for a response so you’ll need to respond within 5-10 minutes to their messages.

You shouldn’t respond too quickly to your match because you might come across as too desperate or a person who has no other commitments in life.

Similarly, spending too much time responding can backfire because the person might think you aren’t interested in them or you’re way too busy to talk to them.

The best time to respond is within 10-15 minutes after receiving a message. If it’s not possible then try to respond within an hour. Sometimes, we try to respond quickly but end up saying something that puts off the other person.

If you’re not experienced in online dating then you should take a little time to come up with an engaging response but don’t take too long or else the user will unmatch you.

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