How Do I Know If Someone Blocked Me on GroupMe?

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GroupMe is a popular group messaging app that allows users to create and participate in various group chats. However, like any other messaging platform, there might be instances where you suspect someone has blocked you. If you find yourself wondering if you have been blocked on GroupMe, this article will guide you through several methods to determine if you are indeed blocked.

Understanding GroupMe Blocking

Before we dive into the signs of being blocked, it’s essential to understand how blocking works on GroupMe. When someone blocks you on GroupMe, they essentially prevent you from sending them direct messages or interacting with them within group chats. While you can still be in the same group as the person who blocked you, your ability to reach out to them individually will be restricted.

Signs of Being Blocked

  1. No Message Delivery Status: One of the most apparent signs of being blocked is the lack of message delivery status. Normally, when you send a message to someone, you will see a single tick indicating that the message has been sent and a double tick confirming its delivery. However, if your messages consistently show only a single tick and are never marked as delivered, it may indicate that you have been blocked.
  2. Inability to Mention or Tag the Person: When someone blocks you on GroupMe, you won’t be able to mention or tag them in messages or replies within the group. If your attempts to mention the person go unnoticed or they don’t receive any notifications, this might be a sign that you have been blocked.
  3. Profile Picture and Information Unavailable: If you were previously able to view the profile picture and information of the person who might have blocked you, but now all that information is missing or not accessible, it could be an indication of being blocked.
  4. Unable to Add the Person to New Groups: GroupMe allows users to create new groups and add members to them. If you try to add the person you suspect has blocked you to a new group, and they do not appear in the search results, it might suggest that you have been blocked.
  5. No Response to Direct Messages: If you have previously communicated with the person through direct messages and suddenly stop receiving replies, it could be a sign that you have been blocked.
  6. Contact Appears as a Phone Number: In some cases, if you have been blocked, the contact’s name might be replaced with their phone number in your chat list.

Confirming the Block

While the above signs may strongly suggest that you have been blocked, it’s essential to confirm the block with caution, as there could be other reasons for some of these behaviors. If you suspect being blocked, you can try the following steps:

  1. Ask a Mutual Friend: If you have mutual friends in the same group as the person you suspect has blocked you, you can discreetly inquire if they can still interact with the individual through direct messages. If they can and you cannot, it might indicate that you have been blocked.
  2. Contact Through Other Means: Try reaching out to the person through other platforms or methods, such as a different messaging app or social media. If they respond through other means but not on GroupMe, it may suggest they have blocked you on the app.
  3. Create a Test Group: If you are uncertain about being blocked, you can create a test group and invite the person to it. If they decline the invitation or do not respond, it could be a sign of being blocked.


In conclusion, detecting if someone has blocked you on GroupMe involves observing various signs related to message delivery, interactions within groups, and profile visibility. However, it’s crucial to remember that these signs may not always guarantee that you have been blocked, as certain situations could lead to similar behaviors. If you suspect being blocked, consider using other means to confirm before drawing any conclusions.


  1. Can someone block me without leaving the group? Yes, someone can block you on GroupMe without leaving the group. Blocking only restricts direct messages and interactions with the blocked individual.
  2. Will I be notified if someone blocks me on GroupMe? No, GroupMe does not provide any notifications when someone blocks you.
  3. Can I unblock myself if someone blocks me? No, you cannot unblock yourself on GroupMe. Only the person who blocked you can unblock you.
  4. Will I still receive group messages if someone blocks me? Yes, you will still receive messages within the group chat even if someone blocks you.
  5. Does blocking someone on GroupMe remove them from mutual groups? No, blocking someone on GroupMe does not remove them from any mutual groups.

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