How Do Dating Apps Put A Limit On Likes?

How Do Dating Apps Put A Limit On Likes?

All dating apps don’t use the same method to limit likes. Some dating apps have a higher like limit while others have a lower limit.

Similarly, some dating apps like Tinder lock your ability to like others for a period of 12 hours while other dating apps like Bumble lock your profile for 24 hours if you reach the swipe limit. Whereas, dating apps like Hinge have a fixed time when your likes reset automatically.

When you reach your likes limit, you’re basically locked out of the platform because you cannot swipe right. You can swipe left but what’s the use when you cannot like other profiles. Since you’re not able to like profiles, dating apps use this opportunity to present you with their premium subscription models offering unlimited likes.

If you’re really addicted to the dating platform and can’t wait for your likes to reset, you will naturally purchase a subscription and get back to swiping. Dating apps use this clever hack to get users to buy their premium services and increase their revenue.

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