Does Muzmatch show screenshots?

Muzz is a Muslim dating app which is founded by ‘Shahzad Younas’ and it is launched in 2015. Its tagline is “Where Single Muslims Meet” and “Where Muslims meet” and emphasizes marriage as opposed to casual dating. The Muzmatch app is available in 14 languages.

Does Muzmatch show screenshots?

Many people have a question does muzmatch show screenshots?

A Simple answer to this question is No. You don’t have to worry about muzmatch showing screenshots. If you visit the profile, then yes the member is notified. You have to click their page to get the whole profile and notification. If you just screenshot from just the main page that pops up on your page, no.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)Is Muzmatch only for Muslims?

The app is for Muslims who are looking to find a partner to marry. 

2) Why is muzmatch app developed?

The Muzmatch app is developed to help single Muslims to find their perfect partner while respecting their religious beliefs. 

3)Is muzmatch app is free?

muzmatch app is completely free to sign up and use the site. The site focuses on safety by using verification and video chat features.

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