Do Dating Apps Put A Limit On Dislikes?

Dating apps don’t put a limit on the number of dislikes. You can swipe left or dislike as many profiles as you want without getting locked out.

Do Dating Apps Put A Limit On Dislikes?

A few years back Bumble put a limit on the total swipes (both left and right) but they have removed this feature. Now, they only put a limit on the likes and the number of dislikes is unlimited.

There is no point in putting a limit on dislikes because if a user isn’t interested in the other person, they are free to move on and since they are disliking, there’s no way they would match with others. The main goal of a dating app is to like someone they feel is a good match for them and dislike others who they aren’t interested in.

Also, if users are disliking, it means they are spending time on the platform which is another measure for determining the popularity of the app. Dating app companies are backed by huge investors and they need to check figures other than revenue like time spent on the appDaily Active Users(DAU), User Retention Rate, and others.

Also, a few of these dating companies have an IPO whose price goes up as the number of users and the time spent on the app increases. These dating apps have dedicated teams to increase revenue, user growth, and retention. They do a lot of testing to come up with better revenue models which makes them some of the most popular apps on the market.

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