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How to check if WhatsApp account is deleted in 2023

Hello, friends today we are going to see How do I know if a contact has deleted WhatsApp? Sometimes when a user deletes their WhatsApp account because of their personal problem or any other problem then you or anyone won’t able to see the user’s Whatsapp Dp or profile picture also when you send some massage but the massage was not delivered this looks like they blocked you but they are not.

For this, we are here with the four best options to check or know whether they deleted your account or they blocked you. So let’s Start.

1. Send a Message

To Check whether the user deleted their account or not you have to send a message to the user which you want to check. After sending a message click on the message and click on the message information option and check the message status is the message delivered or not

2. Check the Last Seen and Profile Picture

In this method, you have to go to the profile of the user that you want to check. if You don’t see the last seen then something wrong. that means the user deleted their account or maybe the user blocked you.

3. Ask a Common friend

If you checked methods 1 and 2 and you found a negative result then you must be blocked or the user deleted their account to confirm that you can ask your common friend to check the 1 and 2 methods from their phone if he got the same result as you then your 100% deleted their account and If Result was different then you must be blocked by that person.

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4.Try to Contact the Person

If Your Friend gets the same results as you and then you won’t last option to Know if Someone Deleted Their Whatsapp Account then you can just contact that person.

I hope guys you get your answers. If you don’t satisfy with these answers then please let me know in the comment so we can to solve your problem personally.

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