Can you block someone on Etsy?

hey everyone all right this is a real quick one today I just wanted to talk about blocking someone on Etsy because this topic came up in my public Facebook group and I’m using my friend account because I wouldn’t block her but I thought maybe I could use her account to show you what happens now let’s say that my friend has been pestering me and sending me tons of messages and I’m irritated and I want to block.

can you block someone on etsy

well blocking someone on Etsy is not the same thing as blocking someone on other social media so if bergie has a personal profile and then she has a store profile it’s two separate things okay so if I’m going to block her you block

someone from their personal profile not from their stoke store profile so to block someone you go to their personal profile and you go down here and say block this person and it says once they’re blocked they will no longer be able to follow you okay that’s all it does it doesn’t prevent them from buying from you it doesn’t prevent them from sending you messages it doesn’t prevent them from leaving you reviews.

so if you block someone they can’t follow you they can’t see the things that you have favorited on your let’s see where’s my profile I guess right here they can’t see the things that you favorited they can’t see the things that you’ve you you know have liked and that kind of thing but that’s it

so it’s not like blocking someone is going to prevent them from buying from your shop’s two separate accounts you have your personal profile and your shop profile two separate things blocking doesn’t do anything to prevent someone from buying and you can always cancel orders if someone don’t you know if you don’t want someone to buy from you you can cancel their order but you have to keep track of their names yourself and when you cancel an order people still have 48 hours to leave a review so

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you know blocking someone is not as effective as people think that it is it doesn’t do what people think that it does and it’s really you know it’s kind of pointless if you have a competitor who’s following everything that you’ve liked and you’re afraid they’re going to see

where do you get your supplies or something then you can block them because then they can’t see what you favorited but that’s about it so if you have any questions post them but I just wanted to say that because people don’t understand what blocking is and it’s not as effective as you think it is

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