Adt Power Outage?

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Today we are talking about Adt. After a power outage backup battery of Adt is activated and provides power to run for several hours in some cases If Adt battery goes down or shows a low battery signal or shows any problem in the battery and you have to change it for that you can watch this video for guidance and for the detailed process you can read the article below.

How to Change your ADT Command Panel Battery if it gets low after a power outage or normal use

how to change your adt command panel battery the first thing you do

is go into your tools with your master code and go to advanced and click on system shutdown, okay that’s going to turn the power off for this the system so that you’re able to take the battery out without any issues

the second thing that you do is if it’s on the wall as it should be there’s a little screw right there loosen that screw once you loosen this screw and take it off you’ll be able to slide the keypad up and you’ll take the front part off of the back so separate the back wall plate from the front

Then you see the battery remove it and replace the new battery on the panel and reverse all step and you do you successfully changed the battery.

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